Friday, December 5, 2008

Young Chefs Academy FREE Event 12/06/2008

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this tip!

On Saturday, December 6, 2008, Young Chef's Academy is sponsoring a free event at their locations all across the nation. This free event includes hands-on culinary activities for children and their parents, food tastings, giveaways, and more. Ages 3 and up are welcome to attend.

Just bring non-perishable food items to donate to local food banks. This is a great way to have some fun and give back to the community!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Frugal Feasts -Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

I got this recipe from Hillbilly Housewife using her make at home biscuit mix

These are so good and there is so much more that you can do with this biscuit mix.

Making this biscuit mix is so easy and cost a fraction of what it would cost to by the ready to serve stuff! It is versatile and you can use it where ever you would use the store bought mix.

I made a powdered sugar and milk glaze to go over them and they were just delicious right out of the oven with a big glass of milk!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Target Fabulous Finds 11/18/2008

I went to Target to get a couple of items they had on sale this week and hit the jackpot on potatoes. Being one of the items I was going in for..I didn't really expect this surprise. Green Giant potatoes were $1.99 for a 10 pound bag....THEN they had a coupon attached for an extra $1 off if you bought Pillsbury crescent rolls.

We all know if you coupon, then you have crescent roll coupons! They were $1.74 and I used 4-.025 Q's making them $1.50 with the .99 cent 10 pound bag of potatoes!! What a deal. I am going back for more!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kroger Finds 11/15/2008

$5.48...yes that is right...$5.48

With the $5 off of 10 item deal and Q's Kroger paid me .50 each for the Scoth-Brite scrubbies. Which meant I had to have $5 worth of "stuff" to cover the overage hence the two packages of cheese.

The Carnation milk was free with the $5 off 10 item deal and Q's. The brown sugar was on sale and I had a mfg. Q that was doubled at $1.00 x two.

The Muir Glen tomatoes were .47 after the $1.00 Q. Add tax...and you get a GREAT DEAL!

The sugar and milk will come in handy for this time of year!

Tell me about your deals this week!

Walgreen Follies 11/14/2008

I went back to Walgreen's today to use the $5/$20 Q they had for today and tomorrow. I build "money" on a gift card by getting the "Free After Rebate" items with these Q's. Here is what I did this time.

L'oreal Age Pro-calcium Moisturizer 14.99
Coffee Mate Creamer 2.49
Coffee Mate Creamer 2.49
2 Reese's Cups for Fillers* 1.00

Total before Q's 20.97

Q's used
WAGS $5/$20 -$5.00
Loreal Moist. -$1.00
Coffee Mate Q -$1.00 printable
Wags Coffee Mate Q BOGO -$2.49

Total OOP 12.65
I actually paid for this on my WAGS gift card that I have been building by using these $/$ Q's and combining them with FAR(Free after rebate) deals. I will actually get either 14.99 back or 19.99 depending on what WAGS gives. The price for the Loreal was originally 19.99, but on sale for 14.99. Either way I MADE money on this deal.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chicken Fajita Meal Part 1 & 2

I made this meal last night..well the family helped, it was my birthday meal. I know you are thinking, "You made your OWN birthday meal?" Actually I love to cook and am in my element when in the kitchen, so I really didn't mind!

Back to the topic at hand...This meal, including the chicken, veggies, tortillas, rice, black beans, homemade salsa and the tortilla chips cost about $11. Normally I wouldn't spend this much on ONE meal. But this made so much food that I was able to put all of the left overs; which included the left over fajita meat and veggies, rice and extra chicken into the crock pot with a can of tomato juice, crushed tomatoes, can of black beans, cumin and garlic powder and make taco soup for tonight. I am also making mexican corn bread with creamed corn in it to server along with the soup. So, for two meals....not too bad if I must say so myself! Oh...and my husband took a plate of fajita meat, rice and black beans with him to work for lunch!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CVS Find 11/12/2008

It is good to be back shopping at CVS again! I didn't realize how much I missed it!!
Because I have been out of the loop for so long..I had to "start over" building my ECB's. So I started small and will build as time goes on.

1st Transaction: Crest Pro-Health $3.49
MQ - .75
Palmolive $1.49
Total OOP: $4.69

ECB's Recieved: $3.49 and $1.00

2nd Transaction: Crest Pro-Health $3.49
MQ - .75
Palmolive $1.49
6- Hershey bars .50 each
(3) BOGO Free Hershey Q
ECB's Used - $3.49
- $1.00
- .50

Total OOP $1.02

ECB's Received from 2nd transaction $3.49 and $1.00

Kroger Finds

All of this for $27.13
Used the $5 off 10 item deal. Total before Q's and store sales $50.13

I saved 46%

Leave me a comment and let me know how much you saved this week!

Walgreen Follies 11/12/2008

I did really well at WAGS today:

8 pkg WAGS batteries-.99 each 4 pack of AA and AAA OOP $8 for all
3 jars of Jif Peanut Butter 3/$5 used (3) MQ's .35 OOP $1.32 each
4 can of Progresso soup 4/$5 used (1) $1.10 off of one and (1) $1/3 OOP $.73 each
4 can of BC frosting. Sale .99 each used (3) MQ for .50 and (1) for .55 OOP .48 each
2 French Vanilla Coffee Mate 2.49 each (BOGO) used $1.50 MQ OOP $1.00 or .50 each
1-5 lb. Domino Sugar 1.99 sale used .50 MQ OOP $1.50

Total OOP $20.82 used WAGS Gift Card

Monday, November 10, 2008

Back to Frugality...Well I really never left and Recycling

I am finally back to blogging about my frugality. We just made a move and the two weeks before and the two weeks following were very eventful and busy for me.

We have moved from Alabama to Tennessee and the mountains and trees here are just beautiful this time of year! I have been doing light shopping and some "couponing" but no serious grocery shopping until the other day. While I didn't take a picture I can tell you that I am absolutely loving Kroger! They have the greatest deals!

Our family has also started recycling. For now we are keeping it simple as to not overwhelm ourselves with EVERYTHING that can be recycled. For now we are concentrating on paper, glass, metal lids, plastic jugs (milk, soda, etc). Hopefully we will expand our recycling when we get used to this. It is good to be back in the blog world! Have a great day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding Financial Freedom by Kelly Crawford. TODAY ONLY $1

Not only is Kelly's Finding Financial Freedom a great deal at $1($11.97 value) but it shares some great ideas on how to save money AND her family's personal story!!

She and her family also have a wonderful website called Generation Cedar, full of resources that you WILL want to check out!

Remember this is today only so act fast!!!!

Enjoy and Blessings!

Karen White
The Frugal Family

Friday, October 3, 2008

K-Mart Fantastic Finds

K-Mart is doubling Q's (coupons) (Through Sunday October 5th) up to and including $2, so here are some deals. I went last week too, but didn't list everything. But will tell you that my total before Q's was $211.00 and I paid 64.00 after Q's

(5) Gilette Shampoo for men $4 each
(5) Gilette $2 Q's from recent paper (double makes the Q worth $4)

So these bottles were FREE!!!

M&M's Plain, almonds and peanut (2 of each) $2 per bag.
(3) Q's $1/2 (doubling made it $2/2)
Making each bag $1 each!!!!

Target Fabulous Finds 10/03/2008

Electrasol Tabs 4.36 x 4 $17.44
(4) $2.25 Q's - $9.00
25 gel packs per box

Muir Glen Organic
Tomato Paste 1.09 X4 $4.36
(4) $1 Muir Glen Q's -$4.00

South Beach Protein Bars
8-Count 2.41 X 2 $4.82
(2) $2 South Beach Q's -$4.00

Kashi Granola Bars
8 count X1 $2.84
(1) $2 Kashi Q -$2.00

Zone Bars 4X .97 $3.88
(4) $1 Q's -$4.00 (made money on this one :))

Green, Red and Purple
Grapes in approx. 1 lb. bags
On Sale for $1 per lb. X 7 bags

1.35 bag -$1 Target store Q
1.26 bag -$1 Q
1.13 bag -$1 Q
.98 Bag -$1 Q
1.25 bag -$1 Q
1.29 bag -$1 Q
1.39 bag -$1 Q
Total 8.65 - $7 in coupons Paid $1.65 for almost 9 pounds of grapes!!!

Dannon Danactive $2 x 4 $8.00
(4) Dannon Q's X$1 -$4.00

Total OOP $17.99

Friday, September 19, 2008

Walgreen Follies Week of 9/08-9/16/2008

As you can see I am a little late in updating my blog. Things have been crazy around here and just not much time.

Bought (in 3 transactions) 6 Robitussin/Dimetapp with the (4)$3 (2)$2 Q's

Received (3) $10 RR

Paid Approx. $15 OOP after Gift Card and $30 RR in separate transactions and received back $51 in rebates.

Winn Dixie Finds 9/17/2008

I am not going to list everything that I got here!!! But I am going to call attention to the best deals!

Betty Crocker Premium Potatoes .20 a box. Sale 10/$10 used .40 Qs and my WD doubles anything .50 and under!!!!

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salads. .60 a box. 10/$10 used Q .40/2. (making it an .80 Q)

Betty Crocker Premium Brownie (ie Turtle, Walnuts) 2/$4. Used .50/1 Q making them $1.00 each!!!!

Pillsbury Cinnamon and Cresents rolls (8 count) 3/$5 bought as many as .30(.60) Qs I had and paid $1.07 each

Stocked up on Campbell's soup at a good price. .50 for the Chicken noodle/Tomato. $1.26 for the Chunky Soups

Jello Singles (6-pack) Reg 1.99 Sale .99 Used .50 (1.00) Q's and got them free!!!

Bought the Pop Secret popcorn at BOGO. I had a Q for .50/2 (which would have doubled to$1/2) But because WD doesn't consider the FREE one a purchase they wouldn't let me use them!!!! I had to buy FOUR and use one Q, because the computer reads 4 as 2...Has anyone else had this trouble???

The Hamburger Helper was 10/$10 the week before and the signs were still up. So I was able to get these for .50 a box. $1.00x6. Used 3- .50/2 Q (really this is $1/2) Making these .50/box.

Cascade Dishwashing rinse 3.69. Had a free paid nothing! :)

My total for all of these items in the picture (i got items I needed with out having Qs) is


I SAVED $86.49

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mexican Fiesta for Five

3-XXL El Monterey Beef and Bean Burritos (in the deli section of WM-$1 each----these are 10 inches long!!!)
1 box of Zataran's Spanish Rice ($1 per box, Q for .75/2.... making these .63 each)
Blackeye pea Salsa (See recipe below) 3.97 (MADE A BUNCH!) used 1/2- $2
Kraft Shredded 2% Cheese $1.98 at WM (used 1 cup $1.00)
Sour Cream- Nominal probably about .25
Chips 1.25 used 1/3 of bag .42

Approximately $7.25 for dinner for a family of five and then some leftovers!

This was a great meal and EASY, EASY, EASY and very inexpensive
The burritos were so big that I cut them in half and let everyone start off with 1/2 (which is the size of a normal burrito) then if they wanted more then they could go back for more. We had left over burrito and rice for my husbands lunch today!!

Black Eyed Pea Mexican Salsa (Thanks Connie!)

1 can of black eyed peas (drained) (.58)
1 can of corn (drained) (.50)
1 can of diced tomatoes with green chilies (.50)
1 Green Pepper (.69)
2 green onions (had these in the fridge....probably .20)
1-cup (8 oz) Zesty Italian Dressing (had this on shelf...price?? 1.98...used 1/2, $1?)
1 jalapeno pepper chopped fine .50

Mix together and let chill for a few hours*** before serving.

I made this while I was preparing lunch and stuck it in the is quick and easy!
Now to find something to do with the leftover black eyed pea salsa.....Lunch over rice...maybe???

Cheesy Pasta and Chicken

1 package of penne rigate (cooked and drained)(.75 WD BOGO)
1 tub of Queso Cheese (1.00, reg. $4. BOGO at WD plus $1 off Q)
1 can of WD brand rotel (.50 on the 20/$10 sale)
1-lb. chicken, cooked and cut up in bite size pieeces) (Sam's club quick sale 1.74 a pound-stocked up)
2 bags of Steamer Broccoli (.23 each at WM. Reg. 1.23, used 2-$1 off Qs)
1 bag of ceasar salad mix from WD (BOGO and then a $1 off for quick sale)

I combined the pasta, Queso cheese, rotel and chicken and warmed through.
Then steamed the brocolli and opened the salad.

Quick, easy and FRUGAL meal!!!!

$5.45 for 5 people and then we had leftovers of the chicken dish and broccoli for someone for lunch the next day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Handmade Soap Giveaway from Cheeky Maiden!

Congratulations to Pam for winning the "Freeaway" at Frugal Family of Five.

This is a great opportunity for someone to win a wonderful handmade, all natural bar of soap.... YOUR CHOICE from Cheeky Maiden.

That's bar or the sample packet of 8 of Cheeky Maiden soaps.

These soaps are so wonderful and beautifully made. I have purchased these soaps for myself and for gifts for others.

All you have to do is go to and pick out your bar and come back to my website and post the soap you would like to win!

For 2 chances to win, post about this giveaway at your website/blog and let me know in your post here at Frugal Family . Don't forget to leave your email address here so that I can contact you if you are the winner.

Contest runs through September 17th, 2008!

Good Luck to all!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

CVS Finds 9/06/2008

Trans #1
2 Loreal lip gloss BOGO 9.99
2 Sally products BOGO 50 2.79
$2/$10 -2.00
Loreal Q recent ad -2.00
Loreal Q recent ad -2.00
Sally Q -3.00
CVS ECB -5.00

OOP .82

Trans 2
Loreal Cleanser 5.99
Sally products 2.79
Sally Products 2.49
$2/$10 -2.00
ECB's 10.99
OOP .40
Received 5.99 in ECBs

Arizone tea .50
Pink flip flops(7.99) 1.99(DD paid for)
Speedo Googles(10.99) 2.74 (DS paid for)
Right Guard Pro 6.99
$2/$10 -2.00
Right Guard -1.00
ECB's -7.99
OOP 1.44 (minus what the kids bought)
Rc'vd 5.00 ECB's

Trans 4
Speedo Googles(10.99) 2.75(DS paid for)
Rightguard Pro 6.99
Sally products 2.99 (BOGO 50)
Sally products 1.49
$2/$10 -2.00
RG -1.00
Sally -3.00
ECB -5.00

OOP 2.25 (minus 2.75 for googles)

Trans 5
Rightguard Pro 6.99
Loreal cleanser 5.99

$2/$10 -2.00
RG Q -1.00
Loreal Q -1.00
ECB -2.00

OOP 7.79 (used the 7.47 the kids paid me for the items they bought)
Total OOP .32
Received 10.99 in ECBs

Trans 6
5 Arizona teas 2.50(fillers)
Right Guard Pro 6.99
Loreal Cleanser 5.99
$2/$10 -2.00
Loreal -1.00
RG -1.00
ECB's -10.99

OOP .71
Received 10.99 ECBs

Friday, September 5, 2008

Check out this Giveaway!

Five Free Bread here

CVS Finds Week 9/04/2008

Trans #1
2 Cover Girl outlast lipgloss 9.99 each (B1G1)
CVS sunscreen 1.95 (clearance item)
-$2/$10 Q
-9.99 (B1G1 Cover Girl Q)

This was a ECB free transaction..... :)

Total OOP .84

Trans. 2
2 Cover Girl Outlast 9.99 each
2 summer Croc-like flip flops 1.49 each (clearance item)
2 Dawn .99 each
1 Colgate 2.99
8 Kelloggs snack protein bars .22 each (clearance)

-.50 x2 Dawn Q
-1.50 Colgate Q
-9.99 B1G1 Cover Girl Q

Total OOP 1.35
Received $2 ECB's

Trans. #3
4 Suave Body Washes 2.00 each
1- Dawn .99
1 Colgate 2.99
2 Kiss Nail Glues 1.99 each
1 Cover Girl Wetslick 5.99

-$2/10 Q
-$.50 Dawn Q
-$1 Covergirl Q
-$1 Colgate Q
-$2 Suave B1G1 x2 (total of $4)
-$10 ECB's

OOP 4.35

Received ECB's 2.00 Suave; 5.99 on Wetslicks Covergirl; $5 on Kiss nails, $2 Colgate.
Total ECB's received $14.99

Total OOP for today $6.54

Used $10 in ECB's
Received 16.99 in ECB's

Overall, I think this was a pretty successful day at CVS!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Check out these Giveaways!!!!

$25 CVS gift Card from Newlyweds!

To get really cool info on coupons and deals of your own...visit The Coupon Coup

George Sarris' "The World's Greatest Stories" Pick your own CD!!! WOW!

CVS Find 8/26/2008

Trans #1
Schick razors: $ 9.99
Beauty Mag. $ .99
Goody's Powder $1.49

Q's $2/$10 -$2
Free Goody's 1.49
Schick Q 2.00
ECB 5.79 (I was told that CVS was going to start taking ECB's first ...more on this later!!!!!!!!!

OOP 1.48
$5 ecb's back

Trans #2
Reeses cup $1.00
Monistat 14.99

$2/10 -2.00
Mfg. -3.00 (monistat)
ECB's 10.79

OOP .49
$5 ecb's back
Trans #3

SoftSoap X5 .99 cents each
skin effect 6.99
CVS lotion 1.49

-.35 SS Q's x 5
-$2 CVS skin care
-$2 CVS skin effects

OOP 2.01

I consider this a very successful trip to CVS

Friday, August 15, 2008

Spicy Chicken and Rice

Spicy Chicken and Rice

Less than $5 for meal


  • 1 lb chicken tenders, raw
  • 1 (16 ounce) can chicken broth
  • 1 (10 ounce) can rotel
  • 1 cup white rice, uncooked
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
  • Garlic Powder
  • salt & pepper
  1. Using a large, deep skillet with a cover pour can of chicken broth and can of rotel into skillet.
  2. Stir in cup of rice.
  3. Lay chicken tenders on top of rice and sprinkle with garlic, salt and pepper. Go easy on the pepper if you don't like it too hot because the Rotel has a little kick to it.
  4. Cover and cook over medium high heat for 20 minutes or until chicken is opaque.
  5. Remove from heat and sprinkle with the cheese. Stir lightly until cheese melts slightly.
  6. Serve with whatever green you have on hand.
Leave a comment about the recipe. Tell us what you did different or something to improve the dish!

Target Fabulous Finds 8/14/2007

Fur Finder 9.99 (2) Christmas gift for the pet lover in our life (and one for us!)
-$4 MFG Q (2)
-$4 Target Q (2)

IAMs Healthy Natural 7 lbs. 11.99 X2
-$3.00 MFG Q X2
-$5 Target Q X2

If you go to and register you can receive great Q's ($5 off and $3 off). I also called and told them the only way I could justify buying IAMS was to use coupons and they were sooooooo nice and are sending my MORE q's than what I registered for on line. Combine these with the Target coupon (EXP. 10/04/2008) and get an even SWEETER deal!!!

NOTE: This Iams Q didn't print at the registry kiosik, so print this at home.

Scrub and Bubbles tub cleaner kit 4.99
Full MFG rebate 4.99 FREE

Glade Aero room deodorizers X4 .94 each
BOGO x2 OOP 0.50 each

Purina Cat Treats $1.69 (another Christmas gift for pet lover!)
Instant get one Free -$1.69

20 ct. Electrasol dishwashing tabs $2.69
MFG Q -$2.25/1
Target Q -$1.00

Glade Plug in $4.14
Glade Q -$4/1

Johnson & Johnson Buddies soap 0.94
J&J Q -$1.00

I got some other things at Target that we needed with Q's but they weren't as great as these!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

CVS Finds Week of 8/10/2008 Part 2

More Scenarios!

Trans. #1

Coffee Nips(filler) x2 $1.50 (this counts toward the candy deal)
Skin effects cleanser $6.99
CVS Adv. heal. lotion $1.49

CVS Q -$2.00/$10
CVS Q for skincare -$2.00 (out of beauty book)
CVS Q Skin Effects -$2.00 (beauty book)

OOP $4.34 (this is a new card so I didn't do as well on the first transaction, but it will get better!)
ECB's Earned $5.00

Trans. #2
Peppermints (filler) $1.50 (counts toward candy deal)
Alavert $5.99
Children's Advil #1 $5.79

CVS Q -$2.00/$10
Children's Advil Q -$1.00
Alavert Q -$4.00
ECB's -$5.00

OOP $1.85

ECB's Earned $8.79

Trans. #3
M&M's $2.00 (toward Candy deal and filler)
Children's Advil $5.79
Reese's Clusters $4.29 (toward Candy deal and filler)

CVS Q -$2.00/$10
ADvil Q -$1.00
Reese's Q -$1.00 (blinky in store)
ECB's -$5.79

OOP $0.49

ECB earned $5.79

Trans. #4

CVS toothbrush $1.50
Lamisil $7.59
Lamisilk $8.29

CVS Q -$2.00/$10
CVS toothbrush CRT -$1.50
Lamisil Q -$3.00
Lamisilk Q -$4.00
ECB -$5.79

OOP $1.82

Came home with $10 in ECB's

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chick-Fil-A Free Chicken Fingers

Chick-Fil-A has a regional deal for the Birmingham, Alabama area Chick-Fil-A's

But it is my understanding that this same deal is taking place nationwide on Labor Day....ALL DAY LONG!!! Check with your Chick-Fil-A to make sure!

Three Free Chicken finger per person Aug. 13-15, Wed., Thurs, and Friday from 5 pm -8 pm

Don't ya just love Chick-Fil-A.

Walgreen Follies Week of 8/10/2008

Trans. #1
Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor $5.99
Bic Soleil Cartridges $5.99
2- Bic Soleil Q's(MGF) -$4.00
2- Bic Soleil Q's WG -$4.00
2 pack of Xtra Trident $1.49
M&M's (for filler) .83
Used Trident BOGO Q's -$1.49
Xtra Q (MFG) - .75
RR -$5.00

OOP 1.97

Earned $3.00 Bic soleil Q and Pantene $3/2 Coupon
Saved $15.80

I will be using the Bic products for Christmas gifts.

CVS Finds Week of 8/10/2008

Trans. #1
Dove Milk Chocolate x4 2/$6 = $12
Chocolate Milk 1.39(for my sweet son as a filler)
BOGO coupon -$6
CVS coupon -$2/$10
ECB's -$5

OOP .97

ECB Earned $10

Trans. #2 (not a huge success)
Alavert $5.99
Children's Advil $5.79

CVS coupon - $2/$10
Alavret Coupon -$4.00
Advil coupon -$1.00

ECB earned $8.79

OOP $5.66

Trans. #3

Alavert $5.99
Colgate BOGO $2.79
Skin Effect Facial Cleaner $6.99

CVS Coupon -$2/$10
Alvaret Coupon -$4.00
Skin Effects Coupon -$2.00
Colgate Coupon -$1.00
Had another Colgate But it was the wrong one...should have scrapped the toothpaste, but didn't!
ECB's -$5.00

Earned $8.00 ECB's

OOP $2.29 (the colgate purchase really messed me up. I should have added a small filler and not purchased the toothpaste. Oh well, another CVS blooper!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

CVS Find 8/9/2008

This isn't my best deal but it will do!

Trans #1

Orbit Gum 2/$3 (Bought 7 =$10.50)

Used 2/$10
Used 2-$2/2 Orbitz Gum (Didn't print enough-could have saved $4 more...oh well)

OOP: 4.91

Received $5.00 ECB

2nd Trans:

2 Chex Mix 2/$3
Children's Advil $5.79
4 Covergirl Makeup BOGO 9.49+7.99=17.48

2/$10 CVS
$1 off Chex mix x2
BOGO Revlon coupons x2 7.99+8.99=16.98

OOP: 2.02

Received 5.79 ECB

3rd Trans:

Bic Pens 2/$5
Crest Toothpaste 2.49
Colgate 2.99
2 Sure Deodorant BOGO 2.99
Klennex BOGO x4 1.29 each
CVS Mouthwash

2/$10 CVS coupon
Klennex Coupon .50 for three (.52 each)
2-Sure coupons $1.00 each
Crest Coupon .75
Colgate Coupon 1.00
Bic Coupon 1.00
CVS mouthwash coupon 2.49

OOP: $3.75

4th Trans:
Clean & Clear Blackhead Scub 5.99
2-Clean & Clear Shower cleanser 5.99

$2/$10 CVS coupon
$4 ECB
MFG coupon for C&C $5+$3

OOP: 5.59

Total OOP: 16.27
Came home with $5 ECB and an
opportunity for a $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription
Mail in Rebate for School Supplies for $5

Total Savings: 104.55

CVS Find 8/1/2008

1st transaction:

Band-aid 2.99
Revlon makeup 9.99(messed up here!)

.50+1.00+1.00+2.00+ 4.50

Received 2.99 ECB's

OOP: 9.24 (I know...not great...still trying to figure this out!)

2nd transaction:

Kodak DVD picture movie 9.99

Used ECB: 9.99
oop : $00000 (yipee)

Received ECB 9.99

3rd transaction:

1 Glucose Monitor 19.99
1 Kodak DVD picture movie 9.99

MFG coupon 19.99
ECB: 9.99

Received ECB 9.99
OOP: 1.80

4th tranaction:
Kodak movie 9.99
Children's Advil 5.79

2.00+9.99 = 11.99

Received ECB $5.79

OOP: 4.13

5th Transaction:

One Touch Glucose Monitor 29.99

MFG Coupon 20.00
ECB: 9.99

OOP: 1.80

6th Transaction: Not part of any deals...just needed some items

Kitchen Bags 6.99
Dog Food 6.79

ECB: 5.79

OOP: 8.71

Total OOP: 25.68
Mail in Rebate for Glucose monitor for 29.99 (so I really made money on this one!)
Total Savings: 147.94

CVS Deal 7/26/2008

This is my second time doing this....I think I did well for a newbie :)

1st transaction:
2 Sure deodorants 2.69 each
1 Bic Soleil Razor 6.99
1 Bic refill 4 count 6.99

2.00 MFG coupon
2.00 MFG coupon
2.69 MFG coupon
1.99 ECB
10.00 ECB

OOP: 1.34

2nd Transaction:

2-Glade Refill 2.49 each
2-Sure deodorants 2.69 each
1 Glad Candle holder 5.79

MFG coupons:


OOP: .79

3rd transaction:

2 packs Trident gum BOGO 1.49
2 Dasani Waters 1.35 each
1 CVS facial wipes 2.99
1 Soft soap body wash 5.29

MFG coupons:




OOP: .54

Total Spent: 2.67
Total Saved: 51.37